What Are The Advantages Of Hydraulic Cylinder?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Hydraulic Cylinder After the metal workpiece is rolled on the surface, the ultimate strength and yield point of the surface layer are increased, and the serviceability, fatigue strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece are obviously improved. After rolling, the hardness can be increased by 15 ~ 30%, while the wear resistance increased by 15%.

Rolling can increase the surface roughness from Ra6.3 to Ra2.4 ~ Ra0.2. And a higher productivity, some parts can be completed in minutes or seconds.

Rolling can solve some of the key technology problems are not easy to achieve. For example, extra large cylinder body processing. At the same time it also applies to the special hole finishing or processing of some special materials finishing.

Rolling a wide range of use, in major, medium and small factories can use. Whether from the processing quality, production efficiency, production costs and other aspects, rolling processing is a relatively superior processing methods. In some ways, it can completely replace the finishing, grinding, honing and other finishing.

At present, according to the external force transmitted to the rolling tool processing methods can be divided into mechanical, rolling and spring type three.

According to the nature of processing, can be divided into optical finishing, strengthening two types of processing.

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  • Multi-function Hydraulic Pump Station
  • Frequency-Conversion Hydraulic Power Unit
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  • Energy Hydraulic Power Pack
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