Working Principle Of Piston Type Hydraulic CYLINDER

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Piston-type hydraulic cylinder can be divided into single and two-bar structure, the fixed way by the cylinder block fixed and piston rod fixed two, according to the action of liquid pressure has a single action and double action. In the single acting hydraulic cylinder, the pressure oil is only for the cavity of the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder realizes the single direction movement by the liquid pressure, the negative movement is realized by the external force (such as spring Force, deadweight or external load), and the two-acting hydraulic cylinder piston moves in two directions by alternating inlet oil, which is accomplished by the action of liquid pressure.

It only has the piston rod on one side of the piston, thus the effective action area of the two cavities is different. At the same time as the fuel supply, different cavity into the oil, the piston movement speed is different, in the need to overcome the load force phase, different cavity into the oil, the need for different fuel pressure, or in the system pressure adjustment, sanitation garbage truck hydraulic cylinder Two direction movement can overcome the load force is different.

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