Youzhi Technology To Participate In Jiangbei District's 18-year Economic Work Conference

- Apr 10, 2018 -

On the morning of April 10th, Ningbo Jiangbei Industrial Area Party Working Committee held a Jiangbei Economic Work Conference at Yuanzhou Hotel. The 2017 Industrial Zone Enterprise Award was announced. Our general manager Chen Youzhan was invited to participate.


The district leaders reviewed and summarized the economic work situation in the industrial zone in 2017, affirmed the related technology projects introduced in the past 17 years and hoped to continue to strengthen the introduction; and the growth enterprises such as Jiali, Fuxing, Youzhi, etc. The rapid development of the past has given a commendation. Finally, the 2018 economic work goals and related policies are announced. It is hoped that all companies will actively understand them so as to better promote the development of the company.


The conference promulgated various awards such as "Regional Quality Award", "Science and Technology Innovation Award" and "Export Famous Brand". Our company won the "Science and Technology Innovation Award". This is another success after being recognized as a "high-tech enterprise." The honor, this implies that Youzhi must shoulder more social responsibilities in the energy conservation and environmental protection undertaking, and also strengthen the product R&D and manufacturing of Youzhe engaged in innovative environmental protection and energy conservation equipment.


  • HFT-135P Faceplate Tailstock Roller Cam Turntable
  • AR320 High Quality DIY Fourth Axis Fourth Axis Solutions Engraving
  • Energy Saving Hydraulic Pump Station
  • Energy Saving Hydraulic Station
  • Cutting Fluid Floating Oil Purification Machine Oil-water Separator
  • YCSY00-H High Quality Strong Type Support Cylinder Hydraulic Pressure

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