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Youzhi Technology has been working on the design and development of energy-saving hydraulic stations, inductive heat treatment and fixtures. We stand at the customer's point of view to solve the problem, constantly improve the skills, perfect the service system. In the new century, energy conservation and intelligence are two important directions of YOUZHI. Integrating the concept as "German quality, China price, From Ningbo, serving the world “, pursuing sustainable development will be our long-term struggle mission!

1.Hydraulic fixture


A fixture the valve, oil distributor is very important.According to domestic customer continuously improving .The requirements for four-axis jig is improving ,Based on screening results of customers feedback ratio,we design four-axis distributor for clients.Sequence valve,the series of hydraulic sequence valve is especially ideal for fitting on the circuit of fixture ,The hydraulic cylinder motion sequences are decided by the pressure,The sequence valve features compact construction and high pressure resistance.It requires on further control when fitting on the circuit,and provides a positive sequential motion control.

2.Pressure transmitter


Company's main products include industrial pressure sensor, high temperature and pressure transmitter, temperature control instrumentation, intelligent digital pressure gauge and the automation of complete sets of control system, has the production of high quality, high precision industrial sensors and instruments.

Application fields including plastic, chemical fiber machinery, petrochemical industry, water treatment, electric power, metallurgy, aviation, air conditioning and refrigeration machinery, air compressor, automotive industry, medical industry, rubber, textile and food packaging, etc.

3.Hydraulic power units


Fusion of hydraulic and servo motor technology

Energy Saving around 75%, compare with our normal hydraulic station at the holding state.At the holding state, it can meet the requirement of substantial energy conservation by reduce The motor rotational speed:Adopt the European ABB controller and Taiwan plunger pump.High speed response capacity:It has higher responsiveness to compare with previous variable pumps, the running reaction time only need 0.1s at the holding state.

Self-disciplined energy saving pressure flow control. Supply the required flow at the load status by monitoring of pressure.At the holding state, running at the minimum rotational speed to supplement the shallow oil spill;At working state, running at the high speed to ensure necessary oil flow.

4.Hydraulic cylinder


The series of swing clamp cylinder is ideal for work piece clamping which requires a sufficient space for convenient work piece loading and unloading and high pressure clamping.

It provides swing motion (do not clamp work piece )and vertical hold down motion

The swing clamp cylinder employs Germany oil seal and imported parts the inside service of cylinder barrel is specially treated,featuring maximum smoothness,high performance and long service life 

For maximum oil feeding speed,refer to specifications.Do not exceed oil feeding speed occurs,it is suggested to equip with an additional oil flow control valve to reduce oil feeding speed 

Refer to the comparison diagram between the effective clamping force and working pressure.Do not extend he swing arm length as desired

Auxiliary support


The auxiliary support is as follows: 

1.Cooperate with the fixture parts to make the extension work.

2.Clamping or supporting match with the fixture parts

3.Support the work piece, match with the fixture parts

4.Place it under the nut, adjust the inclination according to the  pressing plate

5.Positioning for T-groove substrate with the fixture


And so on